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Fast, Easy Lawsuit Cash Advances in Florida

Pending Personal Injury Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding for Florida Residents

If you are a Florida resident that is struggling to pay bills, mortgage payments or mounting medical expenses due to an outstanding legal case, then Cash For Lawsuits can help to obtain the pre-settlement funding you need and deserve and we can do so quickly and easily.

Cash For Lawsuits helps to get advanced settlement funding for your pending Florida lawsuits by providing non-recourse lawsuit advances that are an alternative to the more traditional Lawsuit Loan. If you lose your case, with non-recourse funding methods, you assume no risk and you are not obligated to repay your cash advance if you do lose.

We have experience in the state of Florida and the complex legal system that exists there. Cash For Lawsuits understands that it can take months, sometimes years, for the conclusion of a legal suit to be reached and for settlement to be paid. Insurance companies and employers will employ tactics to extend the life of a case or force trial even with the hope that a plaintiff will become frustrated and settle for a lesser amount than what might be rewarded should their case run its course. Cash For Lawsuits understands this process and tactics and we are here to help provide the advancement of settlement funding you need to take care or bills and expenses now, allowing you to wait out the legal proceedings and take home the settlement you deserve.

You can start today by applying online or calling us. Click here to apply for a Florida Lawsuit Advance online or call 1-800-495-2274 (CASH)

Florida Lawsuit Loans Application Process

Cash For Lawsuits has an easy and hassle-free process for applying for lawsuit funding for Florida residents. Our process requires limited personal information to get you started, meaning you can feel safe and not delay the process all at once. Note: In order to be eligible for a Florida lawsuit cash advance from Cash For Lawsuits or lawsuit loan from other companies, you must be represented by an attorney in your personal injury or accident cases.

Apply Online Today or Call and Speak with an Agent

Our process for applications takes minutes to complete and requires you to provide little sensitive personal information. No background checks are required and no credit checks will be completed. If your preference is to call, that is great. Give us a call at 800-495-2274.

Florida Lawsuit Funding Application Processing

Once your application is filed with us, we will partner with your lawyer to obtain the information required specific to your case. With this information in hand, we can assess your case, underwrite it and obtain the likelihood of the case outcome being positive for you. We can then determine a potential settlement cash advance that is relative to your case’s expected settlement payout. Based on all of this information, your case is then approved or denied.

Distributing Your Florida Lawsuit Funding

If approved, you will enter into a signed agreement with Cash For Lawsuits at which time funds can be distributed in as little as 24 hours. Relief can come that quickly for you!

Florida Lawsuit Funding Legal Considerations

There is enough documentation provided regarding lawsuit funding to recognize that it is an allowable practice in the state of Florida. Florida does, however, limit legal funding issuance on certain case types or provide guidelines around filing for lawsuit funding. For instance, workers compensation cases are eligible for lawsuit funding advances, where auto accident loans may be restricted to serious personal injury where death or dismemberment occurs. Florida is a no-fault state for auto accidents, meaning that personal insurance covers injuries and damages suffered in auto accidents and only those injuries considered significant can be funded via pre-settlement funding.

Florida makes legal funding allowable for all other case types including personal injury cases and for all funding methods meaning that lawsuit loans, settlement loans, and lawsuit cash advances in Florida are all available funding methods.

Florida Personal Injury Cases and Settlement Loans

Like other states, Florida makes the process easy for plaintiffs injured by another person or in a place of work to obtain settlement loans and other pre-settlement funding types. There are restrictions and guidelines that exist. The following detail the stipulations in place for Florida Personal Injury cases:

● Injuries must have been sustained in the state of Florida
● They must be considered serious injuries
● Settlement will be determined based on the financial impact to the injured party, including medical expenses, damages and lost pay, plus any non-monetary damages such as pain/suffering, disability or other non-bodily impacts
● Statute of Limitations is 4 years – a lawsuit must be filed by this point or you will lose access to legal funding
● There is not a damage cap for personal injury claims or non-economic damages
● Punitive damages are capped at 3x compensatory damages or $500K whichever is greater

Comparative Negligence Doctrine

Florida follows the comparative negligence process, a common practice where the court decides the level of fault for each party and then determines a percentage of responsibility for all parties involved, including the plaintiff. Settlement is then paid out according to those percentages of responsibility, divvying up the payment. With this process, plaintiffs are not absolved from fault, meaning regardless of receiving a payment they may be at fault and have a percentage assigned to them. This percentage is deducted from the percentage(s) they are due to receive.

Florida take this process a step further than some other states and sets tiers and guidelines based on the percentages assigned. When there are multiple potential people at fault, the state assigns a tiered set of rules whereas a person deemed less than 10% at fault would not be responsible for paying economic losses to a plaintiff from their own pocket. Those between 11-25% are capped at $500K. Those from 26-50% capped at $1M and, finally, those above 50% can be hit for as much as $2M in damages.

To further complicate the formula, the plaintiff, if found at fault, can also be required to make payment into the overall settlement at rates similar to those above. This can all be complicated, so do not go this road alone, talk to your lawyer and give Cash For Lawsuits a call so we can go over everything with you and help you understand what you may be eligible to receive for lawsuit funding advances.

Florida Car Accident Cash Advances

Florida has some of the most populated roads in America. With the number of drivers and the speeds on Florida highways, accidents are bound to occur and when they do, it is unfortunate, but drivers, passengers and pedestrians are injured and fatalities occur. Cash For Lawsuits is very familiar with the legal process and funding requirements that exist related to Car Accident Cash Advances in Florida. Because it is a no-fault state, personal injuries suffered due to auto accidents can be complicated and dependent on whether the injury is a soft tissue injury or one that is considered severe or serious. So, we can help you understand what you may or may not be eligible to apply for when it comes to a car accident cash advance.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 3,112 traffic fatalities across the state of Florida in 2017. A whooping 839 of them were related to a driver that was under the influence and 590 were associated with a motorcycle. In some cases, pedestrians were the victims, resulting in a very high 654 fatalities involving those not in the vehicle when the accident took place.

In the state of Florida, plaintiffs can obtain legal funding in the form of settlement loans, lawsuit loans and other pre-settlement funding for the following case types:

● Car Accidents
● Truck Accidents
● Motorcycle Accidents
● Bus Accidents
● Uber & Lyft Accidents
● Taxi Accidents
● Carrier Vehicle Accidents
● Non-motorized Vehicle Accidents

If injured in one of these accident types, Cash For Lawsuits can assist you with obtaining Pre-Settlement Funding if you or a passenger sustained any of the following injuries:

● Head Injuries
● Brain Trauma
● Broken or Fractured Bones
● Burns
● Spinal Injuries (including paralysis)
● Disfigurement
● Amputation
● Death

Do You Qualify For Florida Lawsuit Funding?

As a rule of thumb, if you were injured in an accident or by another person, you are most eligible for lawsuit funding based Florida guidelines. Cash for Lawsuits is here to help – you do not need to study the legal statutes of Florida legal funding yourself. Contact us to see if you qualify for our programs for lawsuit funding. It’s free to apply and we safeguard all of your information. Our Florida Lawsuit Advances are Non-Recourse — meaning if we fund your case you keep the cash if you lose your lawsuit. We give Florida citizens the benefit of getting payment now for a pending legal case.

Florida Lawsuit Loan or Lawsuit Cash Advance

Within Florida, Lawsuit Loans are not a funding method offer by Cash For Lawsuits. We offer Lawsuit Cash Advances as an alternative for several reasons. Lawsuit Loans may require periodic interest payments, or may require you to make principal loan repayments prior to finalizing and receiving your settlement and can be subject to high interest rates.

As an alternative, Cash For Lawsuits underwrites Lawsuit Cash Advances. They are non-recourse in nature, meaning they carry no risk for the plaintiff. The lawsuit funding company carries the risk. If you lose your case and fail to receive a settlement – or receive one that is less than expected and less than the cash advance – you owe nothing to Cash For Lawsuits. We believe in our underwriting process to properly assess your legal situation, including the likelihood of winning your case and the expected amount of settlement. As a result, we have high confidence providing this more plaintiff-friendly means of legal funding.

Cash For Lawsuits Florida Case Types

Cash For Lawsuits funds all types of lawsuits nationally, including: Auto Accident Lawsuits; Slip, Trip or Fall Lawsuits; Workers Compensation Lawsuits; Medical Malpractice Lawsuits; and more. If you have a pending Florida lawsuit and you would like to receive a Pre-Settlement Advance, contact Cash for Lawsuits to see how we can help and discuss your eligibility.

As a note, we also offer Non-Recourse Advances on the following list of Lawsuits as well:

Appellate Cash Advances
Breach of Contract
Class Action
Commercial Products Liability
Divorce Settlement Advances
Fela Cases
Inheritance Claims
Jones Act Maritime Advance
Labor Lawsuit Advances
Legal Malpractice
Mass Tort
Nursing Home Negligence Cases
Pedestrian Accident Cash Advance
Police Brutality
Sexual Harassment
Wrongful Imprisonment
Wrongful Termination

Why Cash For Lawsuits?

Experience Matters

With years of experience with personal injury and accident cases in Florida and providing Pre-Settlement Funding to plaintiffs, Cash For Lawsuits knows the ins and outs of legal funding. Our cases have covered incidents related to workplace lawsuits, car accident cases and workers compensation cases across the state from Miami to Jacksonville. Our staff are professionals are dedicated to offering a fair alternative to Lawsuit Loans that provides you the advance legal funding you need to cover your mortgage payments, medical expenses and other debt obligations.

Strong Florida Attorney Network

Cash For Lawsuits has worked with thousands of Florida attorneys to help their clients obtain Cash Lawsuit Advances.

High Quality Legal Funding Product Choices

Cash For Lawsuits is uniquely positioned for Lawsuit Funding in Florida because of our strong, competitive low-use fee product selection. We help Florida residents get the best possible value for their Pre-Settlement Funding through the use of non-resource lawsuit cash advances. We believe in finding the product that is right for you and your case. Period.

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