Lawsuit Cash Advance: Our Preferred Pre-Settlement Funding Option

Whether you are injured at work, a car accident, while you are out to eat or during the normal course of your day, your life and ability to provide for your family can be impacted in a flash. Stress, anxiety and worry are all realistic emotions and feelings that set in as you become concerned over finances and debt obligations such as mortgages, car loans and credit card payments. Your lawyer is on your side, working hard for you, but your case can take months, even years, to settle and provide a settlement payment. Lawsuit loans could be an option, but you find them to be potentially expensive, charging high interest rates and requiring payment before your settlement goes final. A lawsuit cash advance on the other hand is a solution that can help get you the money you need, quickly, without the worry of payback before your case settles.

Cash For Lawsuits specializes in lawsuit cash advances. We specialize so much, that this is all we believe in offering. The terms are more suitable for an injury victim or someone wrongfully terminated or discriminated against and a cash advance on a pending lawsuit comes in a non-recourse manner, meaning you do not have to be concerned about the outcome of your court case. Should you lose your case, you owe Cash For Lawsuits nothing.

Benefits of Cash Advances for Lawsuits

By offering Non-Recourse lawsuit cash advances with no monthly interest payments, injured persons can now obtain funds needed to pay for life needs such as car payments, home payments, family emergencies, medical care and other personal and household obligations. You now have a way that pre-settlement funding can be obtained without having to borrow money with interest rates and personal recourse and without having to sacrifice your personal injury case by prematurely accepting a low or unfair settlement offer. Qualified applicants can get the Lawsuit Funding they need while they and their Attorneys can work to obtain fair and just compensation for their injuries, letting your case run the course it needs to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries.

We work in close collaboration with you and your Attorney to find the optimal financing solution for your needs. Cash For Lawsuits has worked with thousands of Attorneys to help assist their clients in obtaining a fast lawsuit cash advance while they fight on behalf of their clients to obtain fair and just compensation. Apply for your Lawsuit Cash Advance today to be one of the many clients who have achieved relief with Cash For Lawsuits.

Low Fees

Issued with competitively low use-fees for both plaintiffs and attorneys

Allows Ample Time for a Just Settlement

By not settling on a lawsuit cash advance loan which may charge interest and require repayment before your cash is complete, a cash advance for lawsuit gives your lawyer the time they need to maximize your case’s settlement.

Maximize Settlement Payouts

By carefully calculating the amount of your lawsuit cash, Cash For Lawsuits can issue enough to cover expenses and cost of living without sacrificing too much of your future settlement due to use-fees or repayment.

Get Fast Lawsuit Cash Advances

With an easy, streamline application process, cash can be received in as little as 24 hours.


At Cash For Lawsuits, we offer our clients non-recourse pre-settlement funding, which means if you lose your case, you owe Cash For Lawsuits nothing

Differences Between Lawsuit Cash Advances and Lawsuit Loans

While a Lawsuit Cash Advance may seem to be a Lawsuit Loan, there are some significant differences. These are not loans, but an Advance on Lawsuit against the future proceeds of that lawsuit and/or settlement. We provide you with funding that is Non-Recourse, meaning if you lose your case, you owe us nothing, which is unlike a Lawsuit Loan or a Lawsuit Settlement Loan that has a requirement of repayment regardless of the outcome. Cash For Lawsuits does not offer Lawsuit Loans for these reasons.

They are not lawsuit cash advance loans – they are merely advances.

Applying for a Cash Advance on Pending Lawsuit

Cash for Lawsuits has the easiest process possible for applying for pre-settlement funding in the form of a Lawsuit Cash Advance. The steps below outline the process from application to receipt of your funding. Step 1 is the most important process – reach out to us today!

Our Process

Step 1: Apply online or Call To Speak to a Live Agent

Fill out our easy to use, online form that provides Cash For Lawsuits with all the necessary information we need to get started on your case.

Step 2: Review Case Documentation

Cash For Lawsuits will contact your lawyer to work with them to obtain the necessary copies of your court case documents. Once we have the necessary paperwork, an initial assessment can be made on your case and a determination to move it to the final step in our process, underwriting.  At this point, the case is committed or denied and your payment amount is calculated.

Step 3: Advancing Your Pre-Settlement Funding

When an agreement is reached between yourself and Cash For Lawsuits, both parties will sign the funding agreement along with any other necessary parties such as your legal counsel. As soon as that contract is signed, funds are sent out within 24 hours. It happens that fast!

How We Determine Your Eligibility

Cash For Lawsuits will work with your lawyer, understand your case and scrutinize the case, not you. No credit checks, loan application fees, contacting employers or asking for references. Our process partners with your lawyer and relies on our underwriters to keep you focused on healing and managing your stress and anxiety. We work for you, so you can relax.

Fast Lawsuit Cash Advance

We do not believe in letting grass grow under our feet. Why? Because we know how important this process is to you. We know that you need money now so that you can stay afloat while you wait for a larger settlement. For this reason, we act quickly, streamline our process and once approved, have the lawsuit cash advance in your hands in as little as 24 hours.

What Customers Say About Our Lawsuit Cash Advance Process

Lawsuit Cash as Easy as 1, 2, 3

“I could not believe it. I applied online, gave my lawyer a heads up that Cash For Lawsuits was my preferred Lawsuit Cash Advance company, and next thing I knew, the check was in my hands. My family was so grateful and relieved.”

Customer Service

“Cash For Lawsuits was so professional, friendly and accommodating. They answered all my questions, explained the process to me and regularly followed up with me to keep me updated.”

I Owed Nothing on My Cash Advance For My Pending Lawsuit

“At the beginning, I found it hard to believe that should I lose my case, I would owe nothing. But Cash For Lawsuits lived up to their word. When my case was dismissed and a settlement was not issued, we parted ways and I owed them nothing. Without them, I would not have made it through some really tough times.”

What’s Next?

We offer a free, no-obligation analysis that is kept confidential and usually takes no more than 15 minutes to apply. Please contact us today to see how Cash For Lawsuits can help you obtain the financial support you need and get your Lawsuit Cash Advance issued quickly.