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Personal Injury Lawsuit Cash Advances For Pennsylvania

Were you injured at no fault of your own? Are medical bills mounting, mortgage payments potentially past due or are you concerned about lost wages and supporting your family? These are real life scenarios and situations that residents of Pennsylvania deal with everyday. Luckily for you, a Lawsuit Cash Advance might be a solution that can get you the money you need now to help reduce some of the burden and stress you are facing. If you are a plaintiff in a Pennsylvania personal injury case, a victim of an accident or a work-related incident such as wrongful termination, Cash For Lawsuits is here to get you the assistance you need quickly and easily.

Cash For Lawsuits can serve you based on a number of lawsuits and case types and can provide the pre-settlement funding you need. A Lawsuit Cash Advance is a non-recourse method of legal funding, meaning we burden the risk of the cash advance and if you lose your case, you owe us nothing. It is our preferred alternative to the more common Lawsuit Loan due to the benefits it has over a Lawsuit Loan.

We have experience, years and years of it, within Pennsylvania and their legal systems. We understand the various types of cases, their potential to drag on for months and even years before they are concluded and any settlement distributed. Through this experience, we also know that you are in a situation where you need money now, not years from now, as you battle to pay medical expenses or simply pay the month to month bills required to keep your home and your family afloat. The unfortunate circumstances are that employers and insurance companies will often flex their wallets and their legal team to delay cases, extend them as long as possible or even try to have them appealed in hopes that you will become frustrated, anxious for the money you need to live and take a lesser settlement out of court. Cash For Lawsuits can combat that by providing the lawsuit advance that you need to weather that storm and let the legal process provide your justice.

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Applying for Pre-Settlement Funding in Pennsylvania

Cash For Lawsuits has a quick and simple process for applying for Pre-Settlement Funding in Pennsylvania. We require very little personal information to begin the process, making it streamlined for you to get started. Note: In order to be eligible for a Pennsylvania Pre-Settlement Funding from Cash For Lawsuits, you must have representation by an attorney in your pending court case.

Simply Apply Online Or Contact Us By Phone

Our online process is simple, takes minutes to complete and requires you to provide very limited personal information, making it not only easy, but protecting your important personal information. No background or credit checks are required. If a phone call is easier for you, then we have customer service representatives available to answer your questions or take your application over the phone. Call us at 800-495-2274.

Pennsylvania Lawsuit Funding Application Review

After submitting your application to us, Cash For Lawsuits will partner with your attorney to gather the details of your court case and documentation so that we can assess your case, the settlement you may be owed and make a decision on your cash advance. Based on this information, your case is either approved or denied.

Paying Out Your Lawsuit Funding Pennsylvania

If approved, you will sign an agreement between Cash For Lawsuits and yourself, then funds can be transferred in as little as 24 hours. Funding can reach you that quickly.

Lawsuit Loan Legal Considerations Within Pennsylvania

Lawsuit Loans do not have much documentation written within Pennsylvania, but the issuance of lawsuit loans, settlement loans and cash advances are an allowable practice within the Keystone state. The state of Pennsylvania makes legal funding an accepted practice for most case types including personal injury cases and accident case as well as accepts all funding methods meaning that settlement loans in Pennsylvania, lawsuit loans and lawsuit cash advances are all available funding methods.

Personal Injury Cases and Settlement Loans for Pennsylvania Residents

If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury case taking place in the Pennsylvania legal system and you were injured by another person, in the workplace or at no fault of your own, then pre-settlement funding may be a viable option for you to secure an advance on your case settlement. The following will detail the guidelines that exist for PA Personal Injury Cases:

● Statute of Limitations is 2 years at which time your lawsuit must be filed to have the opportunity to claim legal funding. You must have sustained the injury within the state
● To file against any city or state entity, your claim must be made within 6 months of sustaining your injuries
● Injuries must be considered to be significant, often requiring you to miss work, lose wages or have high medical expenses
● Your settlement is ultimately determined based on your financial impact including medical expenses, damages and lost pay plus any non-monetary damages you incurred such as pain, suffering, a disability or non-bodily impacts or trauma

Special Circumstances Specific to Pennsylvania Lawsuit Funding

The following circumstances are specific to Pennsylvania and some other select states. These statues may limit the ability to sue for personal injury, limit the amount you can pursue or void your right to receive settlement based on your level of negligence within the accident or incident.

Comparative Negligence Doctrine

Pennsylvania uses a special law that could potentially cap how much you can receive at settlement in the form of a cash payout. If a plaintiff is deemed to have fault in the accident or injury for which they are filing a claim or a case, then the court will determine the percentage for which they are deemed negligent. This percentage is then held against them when it comes to settlement payout, effectively reducing the amount of the settlement.

This practice is known as as comparative negligence doctrine.

Under this law, if that plaintiff is deemed to be over 50% responsible for the accident or injury, then they would not be eligible to receive any payout from the settlement. Effectively, this means they were the majority at fault and their own actions resulted in their injuries, expenses and more and not the person or company against which they are filing their grievances.

Should a plaintiff have less than 50% responsibility, then they would be eligible for settlement payout, however, whatever percentage of fault deemed to be their own result would reduce the payout they may be eligible to receive. Essentially, you would not be eligible to receive all damages owed unless you were deemed to have zero negligence or fault.

Dog Bite Cases or Attacks in Pennsylvania

One statute specific to Pennsylvania is dog bites or attack cases. This state does not provide any leniency to dog owners for first time dog attacks or bites. Other states will provide leniency based on the history of the animal and whether they have bitten before and will often forgive the first time a dog attacks or bites another human. As a result, the owners of the dog are not held liable. Subsequent attacks would make them culpable, however.

Pennsylvania does not provide such leniency, so if you are a victim of an animal bite like a dog, then you may be eligible to seek compensatory damages in the form of a settlement. Call Cash For Lawsuits to inquire or discuss with your lawyer.

Car Accident Cash Advances For Pennsylvania Citizens

Pennsylvania now has nearly 13M inhabitants and many of them take to the roadways each and every day. Pennsylvania has a number of major highways and large urban centers around which these highways are situated. In addition, they also have a number of backgrounds making for potentially dangerous situations when dark or drivers are under the influence of alcohol. The result are accidents where injuries or death occur. Cash For Lawsuits understands the legal process and funding rules related to Pennsylvania Car Accident Cash Advances and we can help if you are a victim of such an accident or lost a loved one.

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017, Pennsylvania had 1137 traffic fatalities with over half of those occurring in rural areas. To compound an already high fatality rate, 314 of those fatalities had a driver that was under the influence of alcohol and 187 involved motorcycles. Pedestrians were involved in 147 fatalities involving those not in a vehicle at the time of the accident.

Auto accident plaintiffs in Pennsylvania can obtain legal funding through settlement loans, lawsuit loans and other pre-settlement funding such as lawsuit case advances for the following case types:

● Car Accidents
● Truck Accidents
● Motorcycle Accidents
● Bus Accidents
● Uber & Lyft Accidents
● Taxi Accidents
● Carrier Vehicle Accidents
● Non-motorized Vehicle Accidents

As a result of one of these accident types, Cash For Lawsuits can assist you with obtaining Pre-Settlement Funding if you or a passenger sustained any of the following injuries:

● Head Injuries
● Brain Trauma
● Broken or Fractured Bones
● Burns
● Spinal Injuries (including paralysis)
● Disfigurement
● Amputation
● Death

Do You Qualify For Pennsylvania Lawsuit Funding?

In Pennsylvania, you are considered to be lawsuit funding eligible if you are injured in an accident or in the workplace as a result of another person’s actions. There are guidelines that can limit the amount you can be rewarded or potentially limit your ability to file a claim or case as well, but in most cases, you Lawsuit Funding is an option for you.

Cash For Lawsuits has the experience to help you – do not feel as though you need to find the answers for yourself. We are here to assist and answer the questions that you might have. If you contact us, we can find out if you quality for pre-settlement funding. The application is an easy process, it is free and all your personal information will be protected. In fact, our application process requires very little personal information to apply for a lawsuit cash advance.

Speaking of Lawsuit Cash Advances, one of the major benefits of this alternative to lawsuit loans is that in the state of Pennsylvania, they are non-recourse, meaning Cash For Lawsuits assumes the risk – if you lose, you owe us nothing. So, what do you have to lose? If medical bills, home expenses and family costs are mounting against you, get the funding you need to ease your burden while allowing your case to run the course and get the maximum settlement you deserve.

Pennsylvania Lawsuits Loans or Lawsuit Cash Advances

Cash For Lawsuits offers Lawsuit Cash Advances as an alternative to a Lawsuit Loans. Lawsuit Funding Companies that provide lawsuit loans within the state of Pennsylvania may charge high interest rates, require you to pay loans back in full, sometimes prior to receiving your cash settlement or require you to make periodic payments for interest for as long as the loan is outstanding. For these reasons, Cash For Lawsuits do not offer Lawsuit Loans.

Instead, we issue Lawsuit Cash Advances. They are non-recourse legal funding products that carry no risk for the plaintiffs we assist. Instead, Cash For Lawsuits assumes the risk. Should you lose receive settlement that is not what you expected (and possibly less than the advance) or should you lose your legal case – you owe Cash For Lawsuits nothing. We believe in our underwriting process to identify cases we feel have a strong likelihood of winning and we issues advances that are relative in amount to the expected cash settlement. Cash For Lawsuits has a high level of comfort providing this more plaintiff-friendly means of legal funding.

Cash For Lawsuits Pennsylvania Case Types

Cash For Lawsuits provides legal funding for all types of lawsuits nationally, including: Auto Accident Lawsuits; Slip, Trip or Fall Lawsuits; Workers Compensation Lawsuits; Medical Malpractice Lawsuits; and more. If you have a pending Pennsylvania lawsuit and you would like to receive a Pre-Settlement Advance, contact Cash for Lawsuits to see how we can help and discuss your eligibility.

As a note, we also offer Non-Recourse Advances on the following list of Lawsuits as well:

Appellate Cash Advances
Breach of Contract
Class Action
Commercial Products Liability
Divorce Settlement Advances
Fela Cases
Inheritance Claims
Jones Act Maritime Advance
Labor Lawsuit Advances
Legal Malpractice
Mass Tort
Nursing Home Negligence Cases
Pedestrian Accident Cash Advance
Police Brutality
Sexual Harassment
Wrongful Imprisonment
Wrongful Termination

Why Cash For Lawsuits?


We have years of experience with personal injury and accident cases in Pennsylvania and providing Pre-Settlement Funding to plaintiffs. These cases have covered incidents related to workplace lawsuits, car accident cases and workers compensation cases. Our staff are professionals who are dedicated to offering you a fair alternative to Lawsuit Loans that provide you the advance legal funding you need to cover your medical expenses, mortgage payments and more.

Strong Network of Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Cash For Lawsuits has worked with thousands of Pennsylvania lawyers to help their clients obtain Cash Lawsuit Advances.

Legal Funding Product Selection

Cash For Lawsuits is uniquely positioned for Lawsuit Funding in Pennsylvania because of our product selection. We help Pennsylvania citizens get the best possible value for their Pre-Settlement Funding through the use of non-resource lawsuit cash advances. We believe in the best product that is right for you.Period.

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