About Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding

Cash For Lawsuits provides plaintiffs involved is a personal injury lawsuit or claim the opportunity to acquire vital funds to cover life expenses during the litigation process of one’s lawsuit. As a recognized pre-settlement finance firm for lawsuit funding, Cash For Lawsuits operates to assist our clients in times of need when no other means of securing funds exist. We collaborate with You and your Attorney to find the best financing solution for your needs. Cash for Lawsuits has worked with thousands of attorneys to help assist their clients in obtaining pre-settlement financing. Apply for Lawsuit funding today to be one of the many clients who have achieved relief with Cash For Lawsuits.

Non-Recourse Lawsuit Funding

While these advances may seem to be a lawsuit loan, there are some significant differences. These are not loans, but an advance against the future proceeds of your lawsuit and/or settlement. All of our lawsuit fundings are with no-recourse, meaning if you lose your case, you owe us nothing, which is unlike a lawsuit loan that has a requirement of repayment regardless of the outcome.  By offering non-recourse pre-settlement funding with no monthly interest payments, Cash For Lawsuits has helped many clients pursue their lawsuit longer, which in some cases has produced higher settlement figures. By advancing funds during the pendency of the case, clients have the ability to reject a low offer made by the defense, which allows the plaintiff and their attorney more time to see the lawsuit through to its entirety.

Cash For Lawsuits understands how difficult this time can be for you. Our network of experienced underwriters has been trained in all types of personal injury cases to match you with a suitable lawsuit funding program to fit your needs as quickly as possible. Unlike legal loans, our pre-settlement funding advances do not require any monthly payment requirements.  This provides you with the opportunity to use your lawsuit funding to cover essential life expenses during the time of your case. We offer a free, no-obligation analysis that is kept confidential and usually takes no more than 15 minutes to apply. Please contact us today to see how Cash For Lawsuits can help you obtain the financial support that is needed.