Lawsuit Cash Advances: An Easy Lawsuit Loan Substitute for San Diego Complainants

Making a lawsuit claim under California Law can be a stressful process and if you’re dealing with an injury or medical issue, it can be even more difficult. What’s more, you need money to cater for the inevitable expenses that will occur while your lawsuit is in progress. If you need funds for living expenses, you can opt for a lawsuit loan in San Diego, but, there are repercussions to this option. This is why many complainants pursue a lawsuit cash advance instead.

Cash For Lawsuits offers lawsuit cash advances for qualifying individuals in San Diego in as quick as 24 to 48 hours. It is important to note that a lawsuit cash advance is not a lawsuit loan. Many people confuse these two pre-settlement funding methods as being the same, but they are distinctly different. With a lawsuit cash advance, San Diego complainants can obtain access to an anticipated settlement while a case is pending without having to worry about the verdict.

Pre-Settlement Funding Explained

It is enough that you’ve had to go through a lot as a victim of medical malpractice, an auto accidents, or injury at your workplace. Many times, being a victim of such circumstances lands you in the hospital. You’re unable to work and earn money. What’s more, you still need money to pursue your claim in court. This is where a lawsuit cash advance comes in hand

A lawsuit cash advance is a form of pre-settlement funding. It’s an avenue through which you, the complainant, get access to cash while your case is still in court. How much cash you get depends on the settlement you’re expected to receive.

Do you live in San Diego, Carmel Valley, the Central Coastal area of La Jolla, or the Pacific Beach? Are you a resident of Mission Hills, Hillcrest, or the Little Italy area? You have the option of paying a token to a company to gain instant access to pre-settlement funding through a lawsuit cash advance. Instead of taking out a lawsuit loan, San Diego residents can obtain a lawsuit cash advance to pay for rent and living costs before they are awarded a settlement.

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Lawsuit Loan and Lawsuit Cash Advance: The Difference

A lawsuit cash advance is not a lawsuit loan. San Diego complainants like you can enjoy the benefit of this alternative to a lawsuit loan. However, it is also important that you know the difference between the two.

When you get a lawsuit loan, you have to agree to making regular payments, regardless of the outcome of your case. You may or may not be informed about this upfront. In addition, you also have to pay the interest fee that is charged. But this is not the same with a lawsuit cash advance.

Unlike a lawsuit loan, San Diego complainants do not have to repay whatever advance they get until their case is settled and is out of court.

Another difference between lawsuit loans and lawsuit cash advance is that lawsuit loans are expensive. It is overwhelming for a plaintiff still looking to take care of their basic needs to pay the exorbitant fees attached to a loan before they get the money from their settlement.

As an alternative to a lawsuit loan for San Diego plaintiffs can choose to receive their pre-settlement funding by way of a lawsuit cash advance. Doing this means you get to repay the pre-settlement cash advance if and when you get damages from your settlement. Should you lose your case, you won’t be required to repay the cash advance given to you.

Getting a Lawsuit Cash Advance: The Process

To get a lawsuit cash advance, contact Cash For Lawsuits. With our experience, getting your lawsuit cash advance will be so easy you won’t have to bother looking into a lawsuit loan. San Diego residents with personal injury claims can get lawsuit cash advances as quickly as 24-48 hours.

Financial background checks are not necessary since a cash advance is not a lawsuit loan. Getting a lawsuit cash advance from Cash For Lawsuits entails these 3 easy steps which involve:

  •    Your application
  •    Review of the documents and your case
  •    The signing of a Funding Agreement.

Begin by applying online or calling us and speaking with one of our agents!

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Contact Cash For Lawsuits Today

Instead of stressing about your financial burden, let Cash For Lawsuits help you get the funds you need so you can rest well and focus on recuperating. Complainants who do not want a lawsuit loan in San Diego should contact our team at Cash For Lawsuits today and avoid taking on debts!