Lawsuit Cash Advance: A Convenient Lawsuit Loan Alternative for San Jose Plaintiffs

Applying for a lawsuit cash advance on your unsettled case can help you get quick cash before your claim settles. Cash For Lawsuits offer non-recourse lawsuit cash advances as an alternative to lawsuit loans for San Jose locals pursuing lawsuits.

Our company has experience working with defendants involved in many different cases, including workplace injury, medical lawsuits, and personal injuries. According to California Law, these cases call for legal action. Our services let plaintiffs get the funds they need to cover important expenses as they anticipate a court settlement.

Most plaintiffs wait for a long period of time to get cash from a settlement. It can take several months or years until a claim is finally resolved. Pre-settlement funding from Cash For Lawsuits can get you the financial support you need before your case is settled. After you apply with us and are approved, you’ll get a cash advance to help you pay your living expenses until you receive compensatory damages from the courts.

What is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Many lawsuits are demanding, expensive, and long. But you don’t have to stress yourself over circumstances you can’t control. Pre-settlement funding can help you pay your bills during litigation.

There are two main types of pre-settlement funding, lawsuit cash advances and lawsuit loans. This means you do not necessarily need a lawsuit loan in San Jose. A lawsuit cash advance will give you the financial help you need without costing you interest.

A lawsuit cash advance is money given to the wronged party while they are waiting for a settlement. Funds are released with the understanding that a part of the settlement will be paid to the lender when the trial ends.

Although a lawsuit cash advance may seem like a loan, it’s not. It’s a non-recourse method of pre-settlement funding that does not carry interest. What this means is, if there’s no settlement or if the complainant loses the trial, the lender is not qualified for any repayment.

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How Is a Lawsuit Loan Different than a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

With a cash advance, complainants receive cash from a lending firm by applying to have their case evaluated. Once accepted, the plaintiff takes out an advance on the settlement they are expected to receive. In exchange for receiving money in advance, the borrower pays a small fee once their case is settled. If the court does not settle in favor of the plaintiff, no money is owed to the lender.

Contrarily, a lawsuit loan is a debt that you must repay. It’s paid monthly despite the outcome of your case. Often times, a lawsuit loan puts the injured complainant in a financially helpless position.  If the plaintiff fails to pay, the lender can take legal action against the plaintiff and may be able to seize the plaintiff’s automobile, home, or other assets. Furthermore, the default will be documented in the plaintiff’s credit report.

Before awarding a cash advance, the pre-settlement funding firm works with the plaintiff’s lawyer to determine:

  • The strength of the case
  • A cash advance that will be fair for the plaintiff

When you apply for a lawsuit cash advance, your credit profiles will not be reviewed since the advance is founded on the values of the case. Therefore, bad credit is not a problem.

With a lawsuit loan, San Jose plaintiffs acquire interest charges and fees. With a pre-settlement advance, the borrower pays money upon settlement, which was determined at an earlier time.

Neighborhoods We Serve

Cash For Lawsuits is proud to serve the entire San Jose area as well as the surrounding suburbs. Plaintiffs in all parts of San Jose, including Willow Glen, Silver Creek, Cupertino, Los Gatos, and beyond can apply to get a lawsuit cash advance as they wait to settle their case.

Cases We Fund

Cash For Lawsuits offers lawsuit cash advances for qualifying plaintiffs involved in the following cases:

  • Slip/trip and fall
  • Auto accident
  • Personal injury
  • Surgery funding
  • Medical malpractice
  • Divorce settlements
  • Legal malpractice
  • Wrongful termination and more
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Apply for a Lawsuit Cash Advance Today

Cash For Lawsuits is dedicated to helping you get the money you need and deserve. Our services can help keep your mind at ease while you wait for your case to be settled. Avoid the issues that come with taking a lawsuit loan in San Jose and contact our team at Cash For Lawsuits today!