Lawsuit Cash Advance: An Alternative to Lawsuit Loan for Miami Plaintiffs

Cash For Lawsuits provides non-recourse lawsuit cash advances (an alternative to lawsuit loan) for Miami-area plaintiffs who are victims of auto accidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and other situations that warrant pursuing a lawsuit under Florida Law.

Awaiting a settlement can be an emotionally and financially straining ordeal. While your lawsuit is pending, you need access to funds in order to be able to pay your bills and living expenses. However, if you are injured and cannot return to work, you may find it difficult to pay for all of your expenses or make payments on time while waiting for your case to be settled.

We make it possible for our clients to achieve fast access to funds so that they can maintain a comfortable standard of living in Miami while awaiting the settlement of their claim. This allows them to avoid the hassle and embarrassment associated with having to seek financial assistance from a lending institution. Lawsuit cash advances are an alternative route to traditional lawsuit loans that help Miami plaintiffs who are in difficult situations to continue making payments on time and cover basic  expenses while they wait for their lawsuit to be settled.

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding, also referred to as a lawsuit cash advance, gives plaintiffs access to money while their case is pending. A cash advance is provided based on the amount that an individual expects to receive from a settlement. In this way, a plaintiff can choose to pay a small fee to a company and obtain immediate access to funds while waiting for their case to be settled.

Plaintiffs in all areas of Miami, including North Miami, South Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, Westchester, Coral Terrace, Westview, Miami Springs, and beyond can apply to obtain a lawsuit cash advance while they are waiting for their case to be settled.

A lawsuit cash advance is not a lawsuit loan. Miami plaintiffs benefit from this alternative route because they do not have to repay the advance until their case is actually finalized. Traditional lawsuit loans, on the other hand, require regular payments and an interest fee is charged. Lawsuit loans can be exorbitantly expensive and place a burden on the plaintiff to supply for their needs before they receive money from their settlement.

As an alternative to a lawsuit loan, Miami plaintiffs may elect to receive their pre-settlement funding by way of a lawsuit cash advance. By pursuing this route, plaintiffs are only required to repay the pre-settlement cash advance if and when they receive damages from their settlement. If the plaintiff does not win the case, they are not required to repay the cash advance.

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Our Process for Lawsuit Cash Advances

Cash For Lawsuits can provide you with a lawsuit cash advance so that you do not have to obtain a lawsuit loan. Miami residents who are filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit can obtain a cash advance in as little as 24-48 hours. Since a cash advance is not a lawsuit loan, no credit checks are required and no monthly interest rates are charged.

The process for receiving a lawsuit cash advance from Cash For Lawsuits consists of just 3 easy steps: the application, case documentation review, and the signing of a Funding Agreement. Begin by applying online or calling us and speaking with one of our agents.

Once we’ve received your application, we will contact your attorney and collaborate with them to obtain the copies we need of your court case documents. Then, we can assess the value of your case and proceed to the final phase of underwriting. If your case is approved, we will notify you of the monetary amount for which you have been approved.

Upon approval of your case, we draft a Funding Agreement between you and Cash For Lawsuits, After both parties sign the agreement (along with your attorney), your lawsuit cash advance funds are released and sent to you within 24 hours.

Cash For Lawsuits offers clients the benefit of being a direct funder of lawsuit cash advances, funding cases in-house rather than acting as a broker. Our use-fees are competitively low for both plaintiffs and attorneys and our process is fast and hassle-free.

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With Cash For Lawsuits, you can focus on resting and recuperating from your ordeal instead of being burden by financial stresses. Avoid the debt from taking out a troublesome lawsuit loan and contact our Miami team at Cash For Lawsuits today!

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