Lawsuit Cash Advances as a Lawsuit Loan Alternative for Tampa Plaintiffs

Cash For Lawsuits provides non-recourse lawsuit cash advances as an alternative to lawsuit loans for Tampa residents pursuing lawsuits. We have experience working with plaintiffs who have been involved in a variety of cases, including medical malpractice, auto accidents, workplace injuries, premises liability, and other situations that warrant legal action according to Florida Law. Our services allow plaintiffs to obtain funds needed to cover vital expenses as they await their court settlement.

The process of settling a lawsuit in the Tampa area is often long and taxing, taking as long as months or years before a resolution is reached. Plaintiffs are often subjected to mental fatigue, emotional exhaustion, and financial stress throughout the process. During these difficult times, no one should have to be burdened with worries of accruing expenses and unpaid bills simply because they’re waiting for a settlement. It is unjust and unseemly for someone is unable to work as a result of a lawsuit-related injury to be forced further into debt as they struggle to afford medical expenses or even the most basic of living expenses while lacking income.

When opting for a lawsuit cash advance instead of a lawsuit loan, Tampa-area plaintiffs receive immediate access to funds to help them maintain their standard of living as they go through the process of settling their claim. This allows plaintiffs to live comfortably and attend to financial obligations without having to subject themselves to the embarrassment and indignity of credit checks and other invasive requirements from a lending institution.

The Benefits of a Lawsuit Cash Advance Over a Lawsuit Loan

A lawsuit cash advance is different from a lawsuit loan. Residents in Tampa and surrounding cities such as Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Clearwater, Plant City, Largo, and Williamsburg can opt for a lawsuit cash advance as an alternative to a traditional lawsuit loan.

A traditional lawsuit loan forces plaintiffs to keep up with regular loan payments, including additional interest fees, as they await the outcome of their settlement. In contrast, a lawsuit cash advance provides you with immediate access to the funds you need, without a credit check or additional charges.

Whereas a lawsuit loan requires Tampa-based residents to repay their loan in full with added interest, regardless of the outcome of their case, a lawsuit cash advance has conditional repayment. The plaintiff is only required to pay the amount of their cash advance when their case is finalized and they receive damages from their lawsuit settlement.

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Obtaining a Lawsuit Cash Advance

To avoid having to take out a lawsuit loan, Tampa plaintiffs can contact Cash For Lawsuits and inquire about our simple process for obtaining a lawsuit cash advance.

Start by giving us a call or applying online. Our agents can help you through each step of the process, from the application to signing a Funding Agreement.

Unlike the invasive credit checks required by a lawsuit loan or a Tampa lending institution, our process is simple. Cash For Lawsuits receives your application, then works with your attorney to attain necessary copies of your court case documents, allowing us to properly assess the value of your case. If your case is approved, we proceed to the underwriting phase, drafting a Funding Agreement and notifying you of the amount of funding you’ve been awarded in your cash advance.

Once we have approved your case and receive your Funding Agreement back with signatures from you and your attorney, we are generally able to provide a lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours of receiving your Funding Agreement. Our clients with personal injury claims or lawsuits have been known to receive their pre-settlement funding in as little as 24-48 hours–a shorter time frame that allows you to gain access to funds for medical and other expenses.

Cash For Lawsuits is able to provide quick access to funds because of our position as a direct funder of lawsuit cash advances. Other companies often act as brokers between funders and plaintiffs, rather than funding cases in-house.

We also provide our clients with the benefit of competitively low use-fees for both plaintiffs and attorneys, on top of our already simple and hassle-free processing.

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As a victim of an unfortunate circumstance, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll pay for living expenses while going through the ordeal of a lawsuit. Contact Cash For Lawsuits today to find out more about how our lawsuit cash advance process can help you avoid taking out a lawsuit loan while awaiting your Tampa case settlement.

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