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Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding For New Jersey Residents

If you are seeking lawsuit funding to assist with paying outstanding medical bills, mortgages or need assistance to help with other family expenses and you are a plaintiff in a New Jersey personal injury case, Cash For Lawsuits can help get you the money you need and we can do it easily and quickly.

We help citizens of New Jersey obtain pre-settlement funding on a multitude of lawsuits and case types. Our focus is Non-Recourse methods of lawsuit funding which we provide as an alternative to traditional Lawsuit Loans. Non-recourse lawsuit cash advances mean if you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

Cash For Lawsuits understands the complexity of the New Jersey legal system and we know that cases can take extended periods of time to be resolved and reach a settlement payout. In some cases, this can take months or even years. We also know that you need money now to help with the payment of outstanding debt and to continue to run your household. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often the ones that will be paying out your settlement and they will exhaust all measures within the legal process to extend your case as long as they can in hopes that you will cave and agree to a lesser cash settlement. Cash For Lawsuits can help you get a lawsuit advance on your projected settlement so that you can fight back and earn the reward that you deserve for your injury or hardship.

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Pre-Settlement Funding New Jersey Application Process

Cash For Lawsuits makes applying for Pre-Settlement Funding in New Jersey simple and hassle-free. Limited information is required to start the process. Note: In order to be eligible for a New Jersey Pre-Settlement Funding from Cash For Lawsuits, you must have representation by an attorney in your pending court case.

Call Us Today or Apply Online

Our simple application process takes minutes to complete and requires very limited personal information. No background or credit checks are required for our process. If you would prefer to call us, we have customer service representatives standing by to take your call. Give us a ring at 800-495-2274.

Review Process For Your New Jersey Lawsuit Funding Application

Once your application has been submitted, we partner with your attorney to gather the necessary documents and details of your court case so that we can assess your situation, the likely settlement you may be rewarded and make a determination on your cash advance. Based on this information, your case is either approved or denied.

Paying Out Your Lawsuit Funding New Jersey

If approved, we will sign an agreement between Cash For Lawsuits and yourself, then funds can be transferred in as little as 24 hours. Funding can reach you that quickly.

New Jersey Lawsuit Loan Legal Considerations

While not much is legally written regarding NJ Lawsuit Loans, the practice is an allowable one and there are many lawsuit loan companies that operate in New Jersey, including Cash For Lawsuits.

There are some limitations in New Jersey Lawsuit Loan issuance. For instance, workers compensation cases are not eligible for lawsuit loans or settlement loans in the state of New Jersey. In addition, injuries related to soft tissue may be restricted from application for lawsuit funding depending on the extent of your injuries and what other injuries you incurred.

Other than workers compensation cases and the potential soft tissue injury, the state of New Jersey makes legal funding allowable for all other case types including personal injury cases and for all funding methods meaning that settlement loans in New Jersey, lawsuit loans and lawsuit cash advances are all available funding methods.

Personal Injury Cases and Settlement Loans for New Jersey Residents

For those injured in the state of New Jersey by another person, within the workplace or within an establishment, you have the right to pre-settlement funding, including the application for a Settlement Loan. There are some stipulations for what qualifies depending on the your injury, case and situation. As mentioned before, if you sustained only soft tissue injuries as your lone damage, then your case will most likely not qualify.

For the most part, other injuries and pending injury cases would be eligible. The following will detail the guidelines that exist for Personal Injury Cases in New Jersey:

● Injuries must have been sustained in the state of New Jersey
● They must be considered to be significant
● Compensation is generally capped at $350,000 or 500% of damages.
● Damages/Settlement is determined based on the financial impact to the injured party (including medical expenses, damages and lost pay) plus any non-monetary damages such as disability, pain or other non-bodily impacts
● Statute of Limitations is 2 years – a lawsuit must be filed by this point

Special Circumstances Specific to New Jersey Lawsuit Funding

The following circumstances are specific to New Jersey and some other select states. These statues may limit the ability to sue for personal injury, limit the amount you can pursue or void your right to receive settlement based on your level of negligence within the accident or incident.

Comparative Negligence Doctrine

New Jersey leverages the rule of modified comparative negligence, setting a cap at 51%. This is somewhat common practice where the court decides the level of fault for each party and then assigns responsibility based on percentages. This practice is known as as comparative negligence doctrine.

Under this law, an injured plaintiff is not eligible to receive a settlement of their injuries if the court determines that they are more than 50% responsible for the accident or incident. This means their own negligence was greater than those that they are attempting to seek recovery settlement from through the court case.

If a plaintiff is deemed to be less than 50% responsible, then they would be eligible to receive lawsuit settlement in the amount of difference between their percentage of negligence and those against which they are seeking it. Essentially, you would not be eligible to receive all damages owed unless you were deemed to have zero fault or negligence.

New Jersey Dog Bite Cases

One statute specific to the state of New Jersey has to do with dog bites. New Jersey does not provide any leniency to dog owners for first time dog attacks or bites. In other states, the first time a dog attacks or bites another human, the owners of the dog are not held liable. Subsequent attacks would make them culpable, however.

New Jersey does not provide such leniency, so if you are a victim of an animal bite like a dog, then you may be eligible to seek compensatory damages in the form of a settlement.

Car Accident Cash Advances For New Jersey Citizens

According to World Population Review, the state of New Jersey now has over 9M citizens, bringing this number up from 8.79M residents in 2010. A lot of these residents are of legal age to operate motor vehicles. With the number of backroads combined with main highways in New Jersey, car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents are bound to occur. The result of some of these accidents are injury and, in some unfortunate cases, death. Cash For Lawsuits is very familiar with the legal process and funding requirements that exist related to Car Accident Cash Advances for the state of New Jersey. After all, we drive on these roads everyday to reach our headquarters!

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017, New Jersey had 624 traffic fatalities of which 125 had a driver that was under the influence of alcohol and 83 involved motorcycles. More pedestrians were killed as a result of auto accidents than motorcyclists, however, with 183 fatalities involving those not in a vehicle at the time of the accident.

New Jersey auto accident plaintiffs can obtain legal funding through lawsuit cash advances, settlement loans, lawsuit loans and other pre-settlement funding for the following case types:

● Car Accidents
● Truck Accidents
● Motorcycle Accidents
● Bus Accidents
● Uber & Lyft Accidents
● Taxi Accidents
● Carrier Vehicle Accidents
● Non-motorized Vehicle Accidents

As a result of one of these accident types, Cash For Lawsuits can assist you with obtaining Pre-Settlement Funding if you or a passenger sustained any of the following injuries:

● Head Injuries
● Brain Trauma
● Broken or Fractured Bones
● Burns
● Spinal Injuries (including paralysis)
● Disfigurement
● Amputation
● Death

Do You Qualify For New Jersey Lawsuit Funding?

New Jersey considers you eligible for lawsuit funding if you are injured by another person or in an accident. Some guidelines do exist that limit rewards or the right to sue, but most often you will find that Lawsuit Funding is an option.

Cash for Lawsuits is here to help – you do not need to decipher the legal landscape of New Jersey legal funding. Contact us to see if you qualify. The application is free and your information is protected regardless of your eligibility. A key benefit of the products we use to fund your lawsuit, our New Jersey Lawsuit Advances are Non-Recourse — meaning if we fund your case you keep the cash if you lose your lawsuit. So, take advantage if you find yourself in a situation where medical bills are mounting or debt is growing. Cash For Lawsuits provides New Jersey residents the luxury of getting payment now for a pending lawsuit to help eliminate the suffering and stress you may be facing.

New Jersey Settlement Loans or Lawsuit Cash Advances

Cash For Lawsuits offers Lawsuit Cash Advances as an alternative to a Lawsuit Loans. In the state of New Jersey, lawsuit funding companies that provide lawsuit loans may require you to make periodic interest payments, charge exorbitant interest rates or require to pay loans back in full, sometimes prior to receiving your cash settlement. For these reasons, we do not offer Lawsuit Loans.

Instead, Cash For Lawsuits prefers Lawsuit Cash Advances. Because they are non-recourse legal funding methods, they carry no risk for the plaintiffs we assist. Instead, we assume the risk. Should you lose your case or receive settlement that is not what you expected (and possibly less than the advance) – you owe nothing to Cash For Lawsuits. Our underwriting process clearly identifies cases we feel have a strong likelihood of winning and we issues advances in amounts that are relative to the expected amount of settlement. As a result, we have a high level of comfort providing this more plaintiff friendly means of legal funding.

New Jersey Case Types Funded By Cash For Lawsuits

Cash For Lawsuits provides legal funding for all types of lawsuits nationally, including: Auto Accident Lawsuits; Slip, Trip or Fall Lawsuits; Workers Compensation Lawsuits; Medical Malpractice Lawsuits; and more. If you have a pending New Jersey lawsuit and you would like to receive a Pre-Settlement Advance, contact Cash for Lawsuits to see how we can help and discuss your eligibility.

As a note, we also offer Non-Recourse Advances on the following list of Lawsuits as well:

Appellate Cash Advances
Breach of Contract
Class Action
Commercial Products Liability
Divorce Settlement Advances
Fela Cases
Inheritance Claims
Jones Act Maritime Advance
Labor Lawsuit Advances
Legal Malpractice
Mass Tort
Nursing Home Negligence Cases
Pedestrian Accident Cash Advance
Police Brutality
Sexual Harassment
Wrongful Imprisonment
Wrongful Termination

Why Cash For Lawsuits?


Cash For Lawsuits has years of experiencing in underwriting legal cases and providing Pre-Settlement Funding to New Jersey personal injury plaintiffs. We also have experience with workplace lawsuits, accident cases and more. Our staff are professionals, they are dedicated to offering you a fair alternative to Lawsuit Loans that will allow you the receive the advance legal funding you need to cover your medical expenses, mortgage payments and more.

Strong Attorney Network in New Jersey

Cash For Lawsuits has worked with thousands of New Jersey lawyers to help their clients obtain Cash Lawsuit Advances.

New Jersey Is Our Home

Cash For Lawsuits is uniquely positioned for Lawsuit Funding in New Jersey given that we work here too. We help New Jersey citizens get the best possible value for their Pre-Settlement Funding. Period.

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