Lawsuit Cash Advance: A Smarter Alternative to Lawsuit Loans for San Antonio Plaintiffs

Residents in San Antonio and the surrounding area (including nearby cities such as Corpus Christi, Schertz, Alamo Heights, New Braunfels, and Seguin) who are pursuing a workplace injury, auto accident, or medical malpractice lawsuit claim under Texas law may consider covering their living costs with a lawsuit loan. However, San Antonio-area plaintiffs will find that a lawsuit cash advance is a much more appealing and financially less cumbersome alternative.

The emotional and financial pressure of mounting expenses and an inability to work due to injury are stressful enough to deal with on their own. Lawsuit loans carry interest and therefore often increase a plaintiff’s financial burden and stress. As an alternative to a lawsuit loan, San Antonio plaintiffs can apply for a lawsuit cash advance from Cash For Lawsuits.

Cash For Lawsuits is a Direct Funding Service that provides non-recourse lawsuit cash advances to clients in the San Antonio area. Lawsuit cash advances are a lawsuit loan alternative that gives San Antonio plaintiffs the opportunity to access needed monetary funds quickly and easily, without having to undergo a credit check, pay monthly fees or interest, or wait for the settlement of their lawsuit claim. By pursuing this course of action, plaintiffs can afford living expenses while their case is pending.

The Difference between a Lawsuit Cash Advance and a Lawsuit Loan

Lawsuit cash advances and lawsuit loans are both forms of pre-settlement funding. With a lawsuit cash advance or lawsuit loan, San Antonio-area plaintiffs can cover expenses that occur within the time period that their lawsuit is pending. However, there are some major differences in the characteristics of the two options. Often, a lawsuit cash advance is a much more advantageous choice because there are less risks involved and no interest fees.

Like any loan, a lawsuit loan has certain guidelines and stipulations. For one, you must submit yourself to a credit check, which can be an embarrassing and lengthy process that may ultimately result in rejection. For another, even if you’re approved for a lawsuit loan, you’ll not only have to repay the full amount of the loan, but added interest as well, in regular installments. Individuals who cannot resume work often find themselves unable to make regular payments due to a lack of income. Finally, a lawsuit loan is required to be paid back regardless of the outcome of your case, meaning that even if you receive no damages from your lawsuit settlement, you may still be saddled with even more debt.


As opposed to exposing themselves to the hassle and risk of a lawsuit loan, San Antonio plaintiffs can instead opt for a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance. Unlike a loan, a cash advance does not require a credit check. Additionally, the sum of the cash advance (without monthly fees or interest) must only be repaid if and when a plaintiff receives damages from their lawsuit settlement. If you lose your case, you are not required to repay your advance. In this respect, obtaining a lawsuit cash advance carries much less financial risk than applying for a lawsuit loan.

Obtaining a Lawsuit Cash Advance

Cash For Lawsuits makes the process of acquiring a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance simple and easy, unlike the tedious and excruciating process of applying for a lawsuit loan. San Antonio-based clients can begin their lawsuit cash advance application process online or by phone–the first step of our 3 step process. Our past clients, especially clients who have filed a claim or lawsuit relating to a personal injury, have received their cash advances as soon as 24-48 hours after submitting their Funding Agreement.

The second step of our process for lawsuit cash advances begins once we receive your application. After your application has been submitted and reaches us, we can then contact your attorney and begin working together to obtain the copies of the case documents we need in order to evaluate your case. Once these documents have been compiled, we can assess your case.

Once we approve your case, we can proceed to the third and final step: underwriting a Funding Agreement between you and Cash For Lawsuits. When all parties (including your attorney) have signed and returned the agreement, your cash advance funds are released and sent to you as soon as 24 hours afterwards. You won’t see that kind of turnaround time for any lawsuit loan given by a San Antonio lender!


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