Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan Advances

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Cover Yourself Financially With a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan

If you have sued someone or an organization for wrongful death, you may benefit from a wrongful death lawsuit loan. Losing a loved one is hard, and it is harder realizing they would have been alive and well but for someone else’s negligence. Just imagine what it would be like to know that you lost your mom, dad, spouse, child or a friend because, for example, the doctor operated upon them while under the influence and the hospital knew but did not stop him! You would be within your rights to be angry, not just with the doctor but the hospital, too, and seek recompense.

Regrettably, these wrongful death claims can take a long time to be settled, and can eat into your finances which may already be depleted after having paid off medical bills, debts and other financial obligations left behind by the deceased. Then, like all insurance firms, the hospital or doctor’s insurance company will try and delay the case and payment for as long as it possibly can, adding to your woes. Insurance companies know that dragging out the suit will deplete a family’s finances even further, making it more conducive to any settlement offered later on. In this scenario, there is hope for you as you can opt for wrongful death lawsuit loans.

Advantages Of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

Most times, when a family member dies suddenly, funds become the main issue. Wrongful death lawsuit funding helps ease the load of any financial predicament the deceased may have left behind for the family to sort out.

  • Lawsuit funding, commonly referred to Non-Recourse Advance, allows you to see the law suit to its end instead of settling for any paltry sum the insurance company will try and pass off on you.
  • Though called a lawsuit loan, this type of funding is actually just an advance on the projected financial reward you will receive when the lawsuit is settled. Wrongful death lawsuit cash loans provide you with money you need to live on while your claim is being heard, without having to risk everything to pay it back.
  • Lawsuit funding loans are not based on your credit score, your income, or on whether you have a job or not. Getting the loan depends on how strong your wrongful death case is.
  • Wrongful death lawsuit funding, however, doesn’t come free. Like most loans, you will be charged a processing fee and interest rates are also higher than normal loans. You will not have to present documentation of your salary, assets and expenditure as proof that you will be able to pay back the loan.
  • Because it is a Non-Recourse loan, this means that should you lose the case you will not have to repay loan.


A wrongful death claim is a civil suit and is the only way you will be able to take legal action against hospitals, corporations and other organizations for the negligent death of a loved one. This is because they cannot be sued for homicide in a criminal court. Taking out a wrongful death lawsuit loan is the best way to cover yourself financially while the case is being heard so that you don’t have to buckle under pressure and take whatever the insurance company offers you. When settling a claim, there are expenses you need to take into consideration before accepting any reward offered by the insurance company. These should include day-to-day living costs, medical costs, loss of projected earnings, therapy and counseling costs, rent/mortgage, and funeral costs for the deceased.

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